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Act Like A Winner
Tips by Janet S. Tiger

This website contains work by Janet S. Tiger.  This page has information about using how to pick good monologues for auditions.   To reach Janet Tiger immediately, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com or call 858-274-9678

(If you have never read my work before, I am a published playwright -
click here to go to Pioneer Drama Service where you can purchase my one-act BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF.

I also give a free monologue so you can get an idea of my style- just e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com or you can click here to see samples of my monologues.)

Act Like A Winner-

How to pick a great monologue
(so you can win that part!)
by Janet S. Tiger

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by Janet S. Tiger
Award-Winning Playwright, Producer, Teacher

I've seen many actors do thousands of monologues - many of them were mine. I am constantly getting letters and e-mails from acting students and drama teachers reporting their success to me – and I am always excited to hear about each individual success.

I have won many awards and so have students I have worked with – so many in fact that I have lost count. But I never lose the thrill of witnessing an award winning performance! Along the way, I have learned a few things about winning awards, getting the part and graduating to higher levels.

 Winning awards is more than personally gratifying; it builds your resume with impressive accomplishments and helps you land greater and more wonderful things – leading roles in community and professional theater, film and television parts, careers in theater.

Here are 6 basic concepts in choosing good material and moving forward.


 This is an important part of any formula. Know your strengths. Know where your talents lie. If you have a great memory, you can choose a longer piece that might have greater punch for the judges or audiences. But – when push comes to shove, remember, time is gold – if you can pick a fast monologue – 60-180 seconds, take it and run. Better to have a great short monologue than prove you can memorize a long, boring speech. If you are comfortable with a character type, choose a monologue compatible with your gifts. For example, if you do a wonderful New York accent, try a piece that shows off this ability.


If you are auditioning for a part that you want to win, choose a monologue that is in someway reminiscent of the part.

For example, if you know the part that you're auditioning for is athletic, find a monologue that has motion as well as dialogue. Another?


Read a lot of different monologues and read monologues for different characters and for different ages – this will allow you find pieces that are the best for you. You will be surprised what was written "for you".

For example, if you can do a great senior citizen, and you find a good monologue, this can expand the range of monologues you can showcase.


Try lesser known writers - the judges and audiences have all heard Hamlet/Goodbye Girl/ Neil Simon/David Mamet a million times. If you find a playwright that hasn't had his/her work done in your community, you have a better chance of keeping the audience interest. Judges are also delighted when you share with them your very own personal "discovery". It shows that theater is in your bones!


Test out monologues on people who aren't related to you - the mail carrier may have a few minutes, entertain strangers at a senior-rec center or hospital, help a person waiting at a bus stop pass the time. Note the reaction, the visual and verbal feedback from different monologues.

See what makes people laugh. What do they respond to? Everyone that you meet is a member of the public. Their individual feed back or suggestions can often be very valuable.  You can explain that you are an actor trying out for a part and would like their opinion – would they mind listening?

Remember, an audience is just a collection of individual members of the public.


Do lots of auditions. You won't win them all, but you will get comfortable with the process.

You can never tell who the judges will choose – you may be great for the part - but you may be too tall or too thin. Don't be discouraged. Even if you enter a competition for a part that you don't really want – and you win it – you can always refuse it. Don't be afraid to over-act. You want to make an impression. Show off your talents! Even if you don't win, the judges will remember you and perhaps invite you to audition for another part.

Follow these suggestions and you WILL act like a winner !

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 I have a great deal of admiration for all actors.  It is not an easy task to perform and it requires truly special people.

I must thank a dear friend for her help along the way, D. J.  Sullivan. She gives a fantastic acting class and her home was the location of my first play-reading!  DJ introduced me to a great book by a close friend of hers that I advise you to get immediately – Michael Shurtleff's AUDITION.

Michael Shurtleff, a producer associated with the renowned David Merrick, discovered Barbra Streisand, Ben Vereen and Dustin Hoffman at auditions.   This book will be a true eye-opening experience.


Thank you for reading to this point.

I have a lot of great material and proven monologues for you to discover. Because I am not as well known as William Shakespeare, chances are my theater pieces might not have been seen or heard in your school, so they will be fresh.

If you don't have time to explore my website now – then bookmark it for later (control D). 

I offer two free monologues - one male, one female - to give you an idea of what my writing is like. If you're interested in a free monologue, please contact me at tigerteam1@gmail.com. 

I am delighted to introduce you to my work.   On this site, I have one-acts, full length plays and a variety of unique monologues that are available directly from me. Most of my work is on computer, so I can quickly e-mail to you as soon as I receive a confirmation from PayPal.

Over twenty-five years and thousands of productions have proven that people like my plays and monologues.  My work has received standing ovations and awards.  I guarantee that you'll like my work, too - or I'll give you another monologue free.

Break a leg!

Janet S. Tiger

 Monologues by Janet S. Tiger  (for samples of these monologues, please click here or click on Monologues/One-Acts button at top of page)

All of the following are available via e-mail. 

**Special offer- Buy one monologue and have it sent via e-mail only (no snail mail) and I will send you a second monologue FREE.  (Save a tree, too!)


Running time –3 minutes            $5.00/script
    Set – minimal, some towels, a clothesline, washbasket
    1 character         1 older woman – 50s-60s

A woman hangs out her laundry while telling her unusual views on towels - and life.

This is possibly Janet S. Tiger's most produced work, having had numerous productions nationally and internationally.  This is also a popular piece for drama contests and auditions.
Buy now  or click here for sample from THE TOWEL LADY

GET A COLD                  Brand new!
Running time –8 minutes            $5.00/script
    Set – simple, future
    1 characters   1 man – older

A man from the future describes the delight he has in the simple pleasure of...getting a cold.
(****This monologue was completed in August 2005 - I will be happy to put the name of the person/group who performs this first up on my upcoming page about 'where in the world have I seen that.....")

  Or click here for a sample from GET A COLD

’ monologue from TRANSFUSION
Running time –            $4..00/script monologue  - $!5.00 full-length play
    Set –  bare stage                          
    1 character   1 man – 40s

A moving expression  of a man who is trying to deal with a transfusion from his son -  a transfusion that has given him AIDS.

This monologue has been very successful in both state and national competitions.

Running time – 15 minutes            $8.00/script
    Set –   minimal - chair, table, lamp
                Lighting and sound effects very important                            
    Character - The duchess - in her late 80s, very British

A duchess recounts how a curse changed her life.  Touching- a tour de force for an older actress.
    Winner - DFAS National 1-Act Playwriting Contest 2nd Place
    Produced - Five Flags Theatre, Dubuque, Iowa
    Televised - Public Access Cable Channel Iowa

THE AIRPORT -  the following 4  pieces are all set in an airport

AIRPORT DREAMS   (1 woman)
Perhaps what we dream for isn't always what we want

ALWAYS IN MY HEART  (1 man, 1 woman)
Two strangers pass in a crowded airport - but, wait a minute, do they are they really strangers?

The flight attendant of your nightmares.

TIME TRAVELER (1 person)
The future ain't what it used to be - and maybe we already know

Two new monologues -

(1 woman)
Every actor's fantasy about an audition!

(1 woman)
Short and very effective


 For more details, click on PRODUCTIONS button at the top of the page

Plays by Janet S. Tiger have been performed throughout the world including United States, Canada, England, Austria and New Zealand.  If your group has performed a play by Janet S. Tiger and would like to have it listed on the PRODUCTIONS page which will include international productions, please e-mail details of the production to

Unusual facts about some of Janet S. Tiger's productions-
1st Reading - UGANDA  at a Scripteasers meeting in....a long time ago.  (See info about the one-act SCRIPTEASE.)

1st production - SCRIPTEASE (one-act) in 1981 was directed by William Virchis

Janet S. Tiger's plays have won awards five times in the DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest -

THE WAITING ROOM -2nd place 1982
THE AFFIDAVIT - 1st place 1983
BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF - 3rd place 1984
SAVE A PLACE FOR ME - Honorable Mention 1989
CURSE OF THE DUCHESS-  2nd place 1990

The first three prizes were won by Janet Schechter (the 'S' in Janet S. Tiger), the others after she married Stanley Tiger.  Janet traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to watch  the productions in 1982, 1983 and 1984, and made many friends that she still is in touch with today.  For more info on the DFAS Contest, google Dubuque Fine Arts Players One-Act Playwriting Contest