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This website contains work by Janet S. Tiger.
(Updated November 16, 2015)
This page is always under construction and will eventually have all the buttons and explanations of  the pages and where they will take you.
    Partial List of website pages - I have over 100 now, but not all are listed here, as they can only be accessed from other pages.

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Eventually I will have a search engine on this site-
Thanks for your patience.

This will eventually be split in appropriate lists -  monologues, one-acts, full-lengths, books, essays.  Until then, they're all together - if you have any questions - please call 858-274-9678 or email.

A mostly complete list of all my work is on this All work page

     Act Like a Winner
     Angina Monologues
     Biggest Secrets
     Blind Woman's Bluff
                  Sunrise Productions Blind Woman's Bluff
     'Blood' Monologue from TRANSFUSION
     Blurbs (this page has mini-summaries of monologues/plays)
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     Congrats - Towel Lady
     Congrats - Monologues
     Contact Info
     Day of Atonement - first page
     Day of Atonement - second page
     Day of Atonement - workshop
     Day Job
     Dear Leslie
     Dubuque 2006
Dubuque Photos
     End of Death photos
     Fault Lines
     Finally  (coming soon)
     Full-length plays
     Get a Cold
     Getting Away With Murder
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     Holocaust-related plays
     How to Write a Monologue
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     Monologue Samples
     Monologue Tips
     Monologue Tips for Students
     Monologues for Seniors - book BRAND NEW!
     Most Boring Class in the World
     Mr. Lemonhead
     Naked on Stage -  Day #1  Monologue Mania  Feb. 13, 2014
     Not So Fast (coming soon)
     Oh, Susannah 
     One-act page
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Production of THE MONOLOGUE ZONE click here

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Monologues from THE MONOLOGUE ZONE-
       Nobody Told Me
       The Eight-Cent Egg
       Under the Mountain


      Special note about new plays -  
     Janet S. Tiger has written
      over 50 plays, screenplays, 
      monologues and now books. 
     This website will be updated (last update of this page November 16, 2015)
                    as often as possible to try to keep up
      with latest productions, awards,
       etc.  Please check back –  

        About the Playwright
      Janet S. Tiger’s award winning 
         plays have been produced 
           internationally from
       New York to New Zealand
     and are in popular anthologies
   in the United States and Canada.

        She received her BA in 
     Comparative Literature from
  San Diego State University in 1973 
          and has worked
     as a scriptwriter in Hollywood. 
      She is now living in San Diego
     with her husband and children. 

          Click here for Bio page.

"May We Please Have the Moon?" (c) 2003 all rights reserved
 is on this site, please click here
 For more details, click on PRODUCTIONS button at the top of the page

Plays by Janet S. Tiger have been performed throughout the world including United States, Canada, England, Austria and New Zealand.  If your group has performed a play by Janet S. Tiger and would like to have it listed on the PRODUCTIONS page which will include international productions, please e-mail details of the production to

Unusual facts about some of Janet S. Tiger's productions-

1st Reading - UGANDA  at a Scripteasers meeting in....a long time ago.  (See info about the one-act SCRIPTEASE.)

1st production - SCRIPTEASE (one-act) in 1981 was directed by William Virchis

Janet S. Tiger's plays have won awards five times(and one Honorable Mention) in the DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest -

THE WAITING ROOM -2nd place 1982
THE AFFIDAVIT - 1st place 1983
BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF - 3rd place 1984
SAVE A PLACE FOR ME - Honorable Mention 1989
CURSE OF THE DUCHESS-  2nd place 1990
DAY OF ATONEMENT - 2nd Place 2006

The first three prizes were won by Janet Schechter (the 'S' in Janet S. Tiger), the others after she married Stanley Tiger.  Janet traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to watch  the productions in 1982, 1983 and 1984, and made many friends that she still is in touch with today.  For more info on the DFAS Contest, google Dubuque Fine Arts Players One-Act Playwriting Contest.  Janet is going to visit Dubuque in August 2006 to see the premiere of DAY OF ATONEMENT.  For more info on this play, click on DAY OF ATONEMENT button at the top of the page.

THE MONOLOGUE ZONE   www.MonologueZone.com
New Monologues from THE MONOLOGUE ZONE
- below are test pages that are now have part of the monologue visible - with an ADD TO CART button to purchase the entire piece-


THE MONOLOGUE ZONE   www.MonologueZone.com
Monologues for You 

A collection of Monologues by Janet S. Tiger


Acrobatics -senior, male or female
Airport Dreams -older, female
Audition Piece- The Winner  - teenager through 30s, female
Changes - female, 20s-40s
Clarification Monologue - female, teenager
Curse of the Duchess -60s-80s, female
Finale - 20s-30s, male
Flying - 8-13, female
Nobody Told Me - late teens, early 20s, female
Properly Done - late teens through 30s, male
The Ripple Effect - 20s-30s, male
Say Something Nice – 20’s-40s, male
The Secret Room - female, 30s-?
The Towel Lady - female, any age over mid-20s
Time Traveler - male or female, any age
What Have I Forgotten Now?  - 20's-40's female

Cuttings from Janet S. Tiger's other plays
CA first draft Sept. 28, 2016

'Blood' monologue from TRANSFUSION
Frieda's monologue from DAY OF ATONEMENT
Get a Cold from THE END OF DEATH
Mary's monologue from TRANSFUSION
'Tillie's monologue from THE END OF DEATH
'When I was' monologue from THE END OF DEATH