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Awards - Plays by Janet S. Tiger
 This page will have awards/commissions/grants won by Janet S. Tiger

BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF is now published by Pioneer Drama Service in their catalog.  Anyone interested in purchasing the play can do so directly from Pioneer by clicking here

RENNY'S STORY   May 6th, 2006,
                                  Swedenborg Hall
, San Diego, California

for more info, check out www.rennysstory.com, also the PRODUCTIONS and PHOTOS pages of this website
Most recent award

2011 Script Tease of One-Acts -  THE BIGGEST SECRET #1  -  2nd Place

         to  see more about this and the upcoming production in May 2012, click here

2011 Script Tease of One-Acts -  THE BIGGEST SECRET #2  - Honorable Mention

2010 Script Tease of One-Acts -  MR. LEMONHEAD  - 1st Place
2011 Script Tease of One-Acts -  CRIME                   - 3rd Place

2006 DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest DAY OF ATONEMENT - cash award and full production WORLD PREMIERE -- and I went back to the production in August - to my friends in Dubuque - great seeing you!  (But this time I didn't come by bus - I'm not 26 anymore!  I took the plane!)

This page will eventually contain a complete list of my awards, butuntil then, here's a very partial list of awards/commissions/grants given my work:  (One day, each play will have its own page, history, photos and reviews - that's the goal.)

First award - Gassner Memorial Playwriting Competition - THE WAITING ROOM, one-act

Eugene O'Neill

Lamb's Players

DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest
 (DFAS ---Dubuque Fine Arts Society, Dubuque, Iowa)
            - THE WAITING ROOM,   2nd Place, 1982
              THE AFFIDAVIT, 1st Place, 1983
               BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF, 3rd Place, 1984

I went to see the production of THE WAITING ROOM in 1982, made many wonderful friends and returned again in 1983 and 1984 to see the other productions.  The people were always friendly and the productions very well done.  Two other plays have placed in the contest - 

                           SAVE A PLACE FOR ME, 1989, Honorable Mention
                            CURSE OF THE DUCHESS, 2nd Place, 1990,
                           which was produced and televised on Iowa Public Access Cable Channel

THE THIRD PARTY, Gaslamp Quarter Theater, San Diego, CA  1984  Director- Jean Hauser
        Best New Play Nominee, San Diego Theatre Critics Circle


Commission from Aaronson Foundation to write SAVE A PLACE FOR ME

Commission from the Kerr Foundation to write THE THIRD PARTY

Commission from the Kallis Foundation to write K.I.S.S.

Commission from Dr. Howard Kurshenbaum to write RENNY'S STORY  2005-6