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Congratulations to
all the actresses who have used THE TOWEL LADY to win contests, roles and admissions to schools!  (If you have a success due to performing THE TOWEL LADY and want to get your name listed here, please email tigerteam1@gmail.com with the details.)

Myah Lisa Martinson used


and won $500!

Check out my Facebook page for more photos!

Photos - top - Myah in THE TOWEL LADY, Dec. 2010 - she won $500 using THE TOWEL LADY.  Congrats!

Myah is on Facebook.

For more monologues by Janet S. Tiger, check out THE MONOLOGUE ZONE - www.MonologueZone.com -over 35 monologues - including THE TOWEL LADY and 'Blood' monologue from TRANSFUSION

More info soon -


Congratulations to Maree Cole in Australia- one of the

Congratulations to Kendra M.-

Kendra used THE TOWEL LADY monologue as her audition piece and was accepted into the presitigious in La Scuola Teatro de Matavo in Italy.

Kendra has peformed THE TOWEL LADY successfully before - and we hope we can hear her perform it in Italian!

This page is under construction

This page will have photos and information about actors who have won  awards and/or parts using THE TOWEL LADY by
Janet S. Tiger

This is the website for plays by Janet S. Tiger.
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