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THE MONOLOGUE ZONE - upcoming shows Feb. 12 -13 in Erie, PA at the Alex Theater

This page has tips for students about How to Choose a Good Monologue

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Students from Mercyhurst College will be performing the East Coast premiere of THE MONOLOGUE ZONE- cast list and more info soon.

To order THE MONOLOGUE ZONE, please click here

THE MONOLOGUE ZONE was first seen in San Diego, CA, May 2009. Many thanks to Scripteasers  - and the following cast

Narrator -
 Jonathan Dunn-Rankin
Susan Benninghoff
Irene Tiger
Ina Felser
Mary Boersma
Tom Furth
Mitch Feingold

in the following monologues -
After Class
Always in My Heart

Meaning of Wisdom
Nobody Told Me
Ripple Effect
Secret Room
What Have I Forgotten 

TIPS ON CHOOSING A GREAT MONOLOGUE by Janet S. Tiger            

I've seen many actors do thousands of monologues - some of them mine.  I've learned a few things - and I have a great deal of admiration for all actors.  (A special thank you to DJ Sullivan, who gives a fantastic acting class - her home was the location of my first reading!)

1. Know your strengths - if you have a great memory, you can choose a longer piece that might have a greater punch for the judges/audiences.  If you do a wonderful New York accent, try a piece that shows off this ability.  Or, if you know the part you're auditioning for is athletic, find a monologue that has motion as well as dialogue.

2.  Read a lot of different monologues for different ages - if you find you can do a great senior citizen, this can expand the range of monologues you can try.

3.  Try less known writers - the judges and audiences have heard Hamlet/Goodbye Girl/ Neil Simon/David Mamet a million times.  If you find a playwright that hasn't had work done in your community, you have a better chance of keeping the audience interest.

4.  Test out monologues on people who aren't related to you - the mailperson, strangers at a rec/senior center - so that you get visual and verbal feedback on different monologues.

This website has some monologues that might not have been seen or heard in your school.

Most of my work is on computer, so I can e-mail to you as soon as I receive a confirmation from PayPal.

 Also, I offer two free monologues - one male, one female - to give you an idea of what my writing style is like.  If you're interested in a free monologue, please contact me at tigerteam1@gmail.com.

 I guarantee you'll like my work - or I'll give you another monologue free. 

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