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Plays by Janet S. Tiger

This web site is under construction, but if you need to contact Janet S. Tiger immediately, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com or call858-274-9678.

Special note about new plays - Janet S. Tiger has written over 35 plays, screenplays, monologues and now books.  This website will be updated frequently to try to keep up with latest productions, awards, etc.  Please check back – if you want an e-mail reminder when the site has added something new, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com.

        About the Playwright
Janet S. Tiger’s award winning plays have been produced internationally from New York to New Zealand and are in popular anthologies in the United States and Canada.  She received her BA in Comparative Literature from San Diego State University in 1973 and has worked as a scriptwriter in Hollywood.  She is now living in San Diego with her husband and children. 

Her most recent work, FINALE, is in the finals in two state competitions - Texas and Washington.

She just completed two new monologues - PROPS and NOBODY TOLD ME, which will be available soon

Plays can usually be shipped within 5-7 days of receipt of a check or money order.  Pay Pal will be available right here very soon, but until then, please call if you have a credit card order.

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Janet S. Tiger is the author of A MOTHER'S GARDEN OF VERSES.  For more information, please visit the web site www.mothersgardenofverses.com

Janet S. Tiger is available for commission work, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting this web site - please come back soon - there should be something new every few weeks.

by Janet S. Tiger
If you need to purchase a play or contact Janet S. Tiger immediately, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com or call 858-274-9678.

One day, each of these plays will have their own page, but for now, please scroll down.  There are a lot - if you fhave questions, please e-mail  tigerteam1@gmail.com. Thank you!

Running time – 1hour 30 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set –  luncheonette                             
     Characters   4 men – 20s-60s
                           5 woman – 20s-70s
Three generations of a family pull together to prevent big business from demolishing their luncheonette.  Entertaining, upbeat.  Good play for theater groups, schools. 

Produced  Apple Corps  New York City, NY
No Smoking Playhouse


Running time – 1hour 30 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set –     living room/dining area, upper middle class                            
    Characters   - 3 men, 45-55
                              2 women, 35* 70(younger woman requires British accent)

Two lovers, both male, face important changes when one falls in love with a woman.  Witty touching examination of relationship breaking up.

Produced Gaslamp Quarter Theatre Dec, 1983


Running time – 1 hour 30 minutes            $15.00/script
Set –   library, study                              
    Characters  -  5 men - 30-60's
                              4 women - 30-ancient
   All require British accents

What would happen if, on a dark, rainy night, in a solitary secluded house...the Queen of Mystery Writers is killed?  A humorous satire on the 'who-dunnit' genre - with a tricky final twist.  Crowd-pleaser.

Produced (with two extensions)  POWPAC Theatre, San Diego, CA

Running time –  1 hour 35 minutes                $15.00/script
    Set –      prison cell (lighting very important)                           
    Characters   - 6 men 25-60's
                              2 women 25-50

Hero Raoul Wallenberg's final days in Hungary - and the next years of imprisonment as seen through the nightmares of a man who is put into the same cell with Wallenberg for just one day.  Even after Willi is released, this twist of fate threatens the lives of both men.  Timely and thought-provoking - because it could  be true.

Winner Lamb's Players National Playwriting Contest Honororable Mention

K.I.S.S. (with Albert Kallis)*            $15.00 script
Running time - 1 hour 30 minutes    
         Set- upper middle-class 1980s Southern California, but will undergo radical changes
         Characters  -4 men, 3 women (assorted ages)

Running time – 1 hour 30 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set –   Town meeting hall /schoolroom                           
    Characters    7 men, 7 women  6 assorted townspeople  Age range - 20-70

A local bully is murdered in a small town in Northern California - and none of the seventy witnesses to the murder will reveal the identity of the killer. 

If staged with cast members in the audience, the crowd will become involved - an exciting evening - with good opportunities for strong ensemble work.  Great for large theater groups, schools, etc.

Produced      San Diego, CA  Gaslamp Quarter Theatre

Running time – 1 hour 30 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set –    office circa 1884, train waiting room                             
    Characters 4 women (20-64)
                          2 men  (18, 45)
                          2 crowd

The fascinating, true story of Belva Lockwook, the first woman to run for Presdient of the United States and her amazing 1884 campaign - which she ran even after her famous falling-out with longtime friend and ally, Susan B. Anthony.

Wonderful view of little-known part of history, plus good character study of some famous people.

Produced San Diego, CA  Gaslamp Quarter Theatre
Best New Play Nominee San Diego Theater Critics Award

Running time – 1hour 25 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set –  Very simple                      
    Characters  - 2 men -20s, 50s  1 woman- 30s
Strong language.  Not for younger audiences.

 In the 1980s, a Mid-Western family faces a medical issue threatens to tear the family apart.

Produced San Diego, CA      Lyceum Theatre

TRANSFUSION was completed with a COMBO-NEA grant
and is part of a trilogy which includes the two one-acts, OH, SUSANNAH,  DON'T YOU CRY FOR ME

THE WAITING ROOM(also available in one-act version)
Running time – 1hour 25 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set – living room/dining room European, circa 1938

A Jewish family in Vienna, Austria, just before World War II, is faced with crucial decisions about taking the opportunity to leave - or staying behind with an aged and ill relative.  Basic human questions about the value of life and importance of family are confronted.  Poignant drama.

In its one-act version, this play has won many awards, including the Gassner Memorial and the DFAS National .  THE WAITING ROOM  has been produced numerous times, from San Diego to New York.  Although the full-length version has had readings, it is still awaiting a world premiere. For more details, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com



*indicates a commissioned work

More plays by Janet S. Tiger will be coming soon - she has a drawer full of over 100 plays/screenplays/books that are 10-70% completed

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