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RENNY'S STORY is one of several Holocaust - related plays
by Janet S. Tiger 
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Plays by Janet S. Tiger

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By Caitlin Sussman
 (Assistant Director RENNY'S STORY)

Take one amazing lady, her adoring son, Howard, and add San Diego playwright Janet S. Tiger and the result is an inspired theater production - RENNY'S STORY, based on the extraordinary life of Renny Kurshenbaum.

As the assistant director, I have been deeply affected by the play and have come to know the story behind this almost lost moment in history.

 Renny was born in Poland in the 1920s, and used her wits and acting skills to survive World War II. Howard, a local dermatologist with Kaiser, knew his mother was special and wanted to preserve her amazing story of courage and survival.

Tiger, currently the Playwright-in-Residence at Swedenborg Hall, turned down the job at first. "I told Howard -I write plays, not books!" remembered Tiger. But after looking at the 400 pages she was moved. She took a nap, and in a dream, the character of Renny as a young girl was telling her how to write the play.

The premiere was at Swedenborg Hall in May 2006 to sold out houses and standing ovations, and this year, RENNY'S STORY has been pleasing crowds at Ohr Shalom Synagogue, where the final performance will be on Saturday night, April 21st at 8:15 PM. Holocaust survivors receive free admission. (Info- 858-274-9678)

 As assistant to director Diane Shea, I've helped with sound and stage managing as well. With a small crew, everyone helps. Although Renny passed away just a few weeks ago, it's as if she lives on in this play. Seeing the problems Renny rose above has made me see my life in a new perspective. Her strength against incredible obstacles has given me strength - it's better than any video game, because it was real. - .

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        About the Playwright
Janet S. Tiger’s award winning plays have been produced internationally from New York to New Zealand and are in popular anthologies in the United States and Canada.  She received her BA in Comparative Literature from San Diego State University in 1973 and has worked as a scriptwriter in Hollywood.  She is now living in San Diego with her husband and children. 

RENNY'S STORY  was commissioned by Dr. Howard Kurshenbaum, and is a book and a play about an amazing woman who survived WWII Poland, fought in the Warsaw Ghetto and escaped a Nazi death camp. 

First production - May 2006  San Diego, CA
                              Swedenborgian Hall

New book -


Janet S. Tiger's first children's book -about a Jewish homeschooling family and the mysterious happenings in their synagogue. 

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MY STORY (Renny Grynblatt as told to Janet S. Tiger) 
                                            (c) 2005

RENNY'S STORY -The war years of Renny Grynblatt 
                  a one-act by Janet S. Tiger  (c) 2005

Janet S. Tiger's 2005 commission* was to put onto paper - and stage - the life story of Renny Grynblatt, a survivor of World War II Poland.  This amazing lady fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and made a daring escape from a Nazi death camp.  The unique side of this - Renny's story is available  in book form- and a one-woman show of her life premiered in 2006, reprised in 2007.

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        *(from Howard Kurshenbaum, Renny's son)

by Pat Launer, KPBS


Renny's Story, written by San Diego playwright Janet S. Tiger, premiered locally in 2006. It was commissioned by Dr. Howard Kurshenbaum, Renny's son, a local physician. Renny Greenblatt Trajman was born in Warsaw, Poland, in the 1920s. She was a spirited and courageous young Jewish woman. When the Nazis occupied her country, she became an actress of sorts. She dumbed down her intelligence and disguised herself as a Catholic farmgirl, hiding out as a houseworker. She fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. She even managed to escape from a death camp, though her husband, sister, brother-in-law and their three children weren't so lucky. She had a young son, Joseph, born in 1941. She never found out what happened to him. After she moved to America, remarried, and had a second family, she continued to search for any record of her firstborn child, last seen when he was two years old. Besides telling the story of this remarkable woman, who died just six weeks ago, the play is a plea for assistance in obtaining further information, for use of the internet to spread the word and maybe locate Joseph after all these years. The website for information is given out at the end, as part of the text: www.rennysstory.com. The play is set from 1939 to the present, chronicling Renny's life and her philosophy of life: upbeat, filled with compassion and hope. There was a bit of backstage drama, too. Last year, the play was performed by local actor Kimberly Kaplan. But for the last few performances this month, she was constrained by laryngitis and couldn't appear. Understudy to the rescue: Laurie Lehman-Gray, whose father was a German Jew also forced to come to America to avoid the Nazis. She did an excellent job in this one-woman show, making us feel like we were visiting in her parlor as she told her tale of fear and fabrications, terror and narrow escape. The script, the actor and director Diane Shea make every effort, as it's likely Renny herself would (Tiger spent many hours interviewing her), not to become maudlin, self-serving or self-pitying. But by avoiding sentimentality, there is some loss of sentiment. There's often a bittersweet smile on Lehman-Gray's face and it isn't always perceptibly backed by pain. But, in the face of Holocaust deniers, these stories must be told. The principals are dying off; the relatives still haven't been found. This is one brief, telling tale that should be seen and heard. THE LOCATION: Temple Ohr Shalom (3rd & Laurel), April 21, 8:15pm (858-274-9678). Kimberly Kaplan is set to perform, but Laurie's ready in the wings in case she's still ill.


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