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  This website contains work by
                                       Janet S. Tiger
                            Swedenborg Hall, San Diego


      This page has info about

     Teresa Beckwith
          starring in

(The Future Ain't What it Used to Be!)

including  her resume, information about  the upcoming production, photos and a press release. 
For immediate info, please call 858-274-9678.

THE END OF DEATH by Janet S. Tiger
              (more photos and info will be posted shortly)


Teresa Beckwith will be starring as 'Joanne' 

Teresa most recently appeared in the Olive Tree's production of Overtones

Teresa Beckwith                 resume

Eyes: Brown
Phone Number: 619-871-7628
Hair: Brown 5’5”

Theatre Experience
The End of Death (in production)    Joanne          Swedenborg Hall
Overtones                                    Hetty            Olive Tree Players
The Best Christmas Pagent Ever   Mother (Grace Bradley) Olive Tree Players
Comedic Monologue                     Zippora, Wife of Moses Olive Tree Players
Scripture Interpretation                  Theatre Choir Olive Tree Players
 It’s a Wonderful Life                     Miss Carter Olive Tree Players
Easter Monologue                        Mary Magdelene    Olive Tree Players
 Jinglebell Jury Angel Olive Tree Players
Exterior Scene Study Improvisational scene study ` Trenton Shine
Crimes of the Heart                        Meg              Eric Grishcat
Split                                              Marge           David Wright

On-Camera Film/TV Acting, Actors Workshop Auditioning, Cold Reading, Scene Studios with Steve Study, Monologues, and Commercials Walters (Current) Theatresport Improvisational Theatre, San Diego Funhouse Trenton Shine Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, Intermediate Acting Eric Grishcat Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, Intermediate Acting David Wright Carmel Valley Childrens’ Acting Group

Special Skills
Licensed Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine
Practitioner Martial Artist – second level karate black belt
German language conversational speaker;
French language understanding
Fisherman – Saltwater and Stream
Pianist, Skier, Amateur Golfer
Childrens’ Hospital Volunteer – Hematology-Oncology Unit

THE END OF DEATH will have its world premiere in August 2007 at Swedenborg Hall

     Tickets  $10/00/in advance          $15.00/at the door.   Call 858-274-9678 or   
                                                                                  tigerteam1@gmail.com for PayPal

There will be performances on -

Preview -Thurs., August 2nd

Fri., August 3rd,
8:00 PM is Opening Night.
Sat, August 4, 8PM
Sunday, Aug. 5,   matinee - 3 PM

Friday,  Aug.10th
8:00 pm
Saturday, Aug. 11,  8:00PM
Sunday, Aug. 12,  matinee - 3PM

Friday,  Aug.17th
8:00 pm
Saturday, Aug. 18,  8:00PM
Sunday, Aug. 19,  matinee - 3PM

 We have an option to perform on Friday and Saturday August 24th and 25th, and if sales warrant it, we will. We will know by the 15th of August if we will extend the show.

For more info tigerteam1@gmail.com or 858-274-9678

THE END OF DEATH is a full-length play by Janet S. Tiger

For more info, look around this website - Janet has written over 50 plays, screenplays and monologues.  Her work has received more than 30 awards nationally, including an NEA-COMBO Fellowship Grant.  She has plays published and produced from New York (Off-Broadway) to New Zealand.  Her play BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF is a popular favorite in Pioneer Drama Service's catalog, and her work is seen every week somewhere in the world. (Maybe at a high school or college near you)

THE END OF DEATH.   There is still room!   If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the writing of the play and/or the production, please call 858-274-9678 or email  - tigerteam1@gmail.com

UPCOMING WORKS- (if you want a flier with the graphics, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com)


The End of Death (The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be!) A new play by Janet S. Tiger Playwright-in-Residence Swedenborg Hall,

 Award-winning San Diego playwright Janet S. Tiger has been chosen as Swedenborg Hall's first Playwright-in-Residence, and she received a commission to write The END OF DEATH, which will have its world premiere in August, 2007, at Swedenborg Hall.

This play is sponsored by the following wonderful people:  

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Astor

Edith Basinger
Dr. and Mrs. Don Fields

Edmee Forshey

Lynda Fox
Laurie Lehmann-Gray
Albert and Trudy Kallis -Kallis Family
Molly and Miriam Gersho
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ginsberg
Emily and Jeffery Jacobs
Pauline Jaret, PhD
David Kahn
Dee and George Kirazian
 Lisa and Steve Kradjian
Raphael Levens
Sharon Lund
Mrs. Sarah Nadler
Dr. Sheryl North
Paula and Jeffrey Remmel
William Schechter
Lenore and Robert Simon
Phyllis Unger
Irena Urdang de Tour

Tiger’s one-woman show, RENNY'S STORY, was produced at Swedenborg Hall to sold-out houses last May, and her TOWEL LADY was the hit of the UHAO this past September. D.J. Sullivan –a longtime Scripteaser member - was the executive producer of THE TOWEL LADY.

Janet – a Scripteaser member since the 1980s – had her very first play read at a Scripteaser Meeting – at D.J.’s house in 1980! Upcoming production August 2007, Swedenborg Hall For more info, please call 858-274-9678 www.playsbyjanetstiger.com

A press release about Teresa Beckwith will be posted by June 1st

PRESS RELEASE                         CONTACT - Jerry 858-274-9678
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         April 15, 2007

Executive Producer DJ Sullivan and Rev. Carla Friedrich revealed some major firsts for 50-year-old SwedenborgHall - joining the SD Performing Arts League and releasing a calendar of theatrical events for 2007 which includes the world premiere of THE END OF DEATH (The Future Ain't What it Used to Be!) -a play commissioned specifically for the Hall 's first Playwright-in-Residence, Janet S. Tiger.

"This is a very exciting time for us - between DJ and Janet, we have a full season of great performances coming up," explained Rev. Friedrich, pastor of the Swedenborgian Church, where the Hall is located.  Friedrich also noted that,  "Janet 's play, RENNY'S STORY, premiered here at the hall last year to sold out houses and is being produced again in conjunction with Ohr Shalom at their stage right now.  (April 21 is the last night)  THE END OF DEATH is scheduled to open in August and will have a wonderful cast featuring Jonathan Dunn-Rankin, who most recently starred in 6th&Penn's GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS ."

DJ Sullivan, well-known for her stage and screen roles, has been conducting her Actors Workshop on Thursday evenings for decades and Sullivan Players will have two plays - TALKING WITH in May, and a Reader's Theater of WHO IS HARRY KELLERMAN AND WHY IS HE SAYING THESE TERRIBLE THINGS ABOUT ME? in October.

Sullivan and Tiger have theatrical connections going back 27 years - when Tiger's first play was read at a meeting of Scripteasers, a San Diego group for writers and actors.  The location of the reading - DJ Sullivan's house.

"It's a great honor to be the Playwright-in-Residence and work with DJ again," said Tiger.  The recipient of numerous national and local playwriting awards, including a COMBO-NEA Grant, this is Tiger's first residency.  "We have a great cast -  and Diane Shea will direct (she's directed many of my plays locally)- so I'm looking forward to a true ensemble experience." http://playsbyjanetstiger.com/END_OF_DEATH.html

As members of the San Diego Performing Arts League, some shows at SwedenborgHall will have discount tickets available.  Please save the dates for an exciting year of theater.

For more info, 858-274-9678.
Photos attached-

1- SwedenborgHall -

(top l-r) DJ Sullivan (Executive Producer/Sullivan Players), Janet S. Tiger (Playwright-in-Residence)
(bottom l-r) Rev. Carla Friedrich (Pastor), Diane Shea (Director)

announces theatrical calendar as newest member of San Diego Performing Arts League, with four plays including the world premiere of Tiger's END OF DEATH.

2- Jonathan Dunn-Rankin, former San Diego SAG-AFTRA President, who will star in Janet S. Tiger's, THE END OF DEATH (The Future Ain't What it Used to Be!),  which will have its world premiere in August at SwedenborgHall in San Diego.

The complete schedule for 2007 is:

Sullivan Players

TALKING WITH by Jane Martin

Opens   Saturday May 5  7PM

Friday, May 11  7PM
           Saturday, May 12, 7PM

          Fri  May 18,
                May 19
          Sunday, May 20, 2PM

          Fri, May 25, 7PM
               May 26, 7PM
               May 27, 2PM

ACTORS Showcase - June 4, 7PM
                   June 6, 7PM
                   June 7,  7PM

END OF DEATH -  Preview -Thursday Aug. 2 -  8PM
    Fri   Aug. 3  - 8PM  Opening Night
    Sat   Aug. 4  -8PM
    Sun   Aug. 5 -  3PM

Aug. 10 - 8 PM
Aug. 11 - 8 PM
Aug. 12- Matinee - 3PM

Aug. 17 - 8 PM
Aug. 18 - 8 PM
Aug. 19- Matinee - 3PM

Reserved - Aug. 24 - 8 PM
                  Aug. 25 - 8 PM
                   Aug. 26 - mat - 3PM

UHAO  - Play by Janet S. Tiger

Sullivan Players - Readers Theater  October


DJ Sullivan Workshop  every Thursday at the Hall  858-274-1731