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updated  10/5/07

 This page will have productions of work by
Janet S. Tiger,  (Dramatists Guild member)
If you know of a production not listed here, please email tigerteam1@gmail.com or call 858-274-9678.

One day, this map will be larger and have markers for all the locations where my plays have been produced (when I figure out how to do this!)

For upcoming productions, click here

and most recent are first, then, at the bottom of the page, early history - first readings, first productions, etc.  If anyone has photos from early shows and would like to share, please contact me at tigerteam1@gmail.com.

My monologues and plays have been seen (and won awards) in the following countries/cities -  (this is only a partial list - hope to fill in some of the blanks by April 2010)

United States-
Ft. Myers
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
New York City - Off-Off-Broadway, Off-Broadway


New Zealand





South Africa

THE MONOLOGUE ZONE received its East Coast Premiere at Alex Theater in North East, PA  For more info, click here

BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF - too numerous to list here now - will have its own page

MEANING OF WISDOM - Swedenborg Hall  2009
FINALE  - Swedenborg Hall   2008
GET A COLD -Swedenborg Hall 2007

THE END OF DEATH - Swedenborg Hall 2007

 Scripteasers-  San Diego, CA

upcoming -
filming of THE TOWEL LADY



Cast: Margie Barker, Max Magnus

This was a one-act comedy with Margie Barker, who played Myra, a blind old woman who puts an ad in the paper to sell a chair. The young thief John, played by Max Magnus, answers the ad. When it is mentioned that the woman is blind and lives alone, John plans to pull off an easy heist.  But while he’s there, Myra strikes up a friendly conversation, cracks jokes and treats him like her own son. John starts to feel guilty about his plan to rob the lady blind. However, when Myra brings out a jar full of cash, asking if he’d like to donate to the charity organization for the blind, he can’t resist helping himself to the wad of cash the next chance he gets. But wait! Myra’s not the vulnerable victim John thinks she is and in the end it’s Myra who pulls the wool over his eyes.

Until then, here's a very partial list of productions of my work:

THE AFFIDAVIT for the SCRIPTEASER 60-year anniversary

Swedenborg Hall
August, 2007
as part of the Swedenborg Hall Playwright-in-Residence Program

Ohr Shalom Synagogue,
April , 2007
                                          for info - 858-274-9678 or tigerteam1@gmail.com


 December, 2006
                                    Swedenborg Hall, San Diego, California

Swedenborg Hall
Sept. 16-17, 2006
San Diego, California                                    

RENNY'S STORY   May, 2006,

                                  Swedenborg Hall
, San Diego, California
for more info, check out www.rennysstory.com

First reading -  UGANDA, full-length,  Scripteasers, San Diego, CA
                   (Scripteasers is a group of writers, actors and friends of theater who give cold readings to new plays.  Check out their website at www.scripteasers.org)

Second reading-         SCRIPTEASE, one-act, Scripteasers, San Diego, CA

First production-          SCRIPTEASE, one-act,  CHULA VISTA, CA   Bill Virchis, Director

Off-off-Broadway THE WAITING ROOM   13th St. Theatre, New York
                            COUNTER-OFFER         The Apple Corps, New York

THE WAITING ROOM, Gaslamp Quarter Theater, Director - Diane Shea
COUNTER-OFFER, Gaslamp Quarter Theater, Director - Diane Shea

THE THIRD PARTY, Gaslamp Quarter Theater, San Diego, CA  1984  Director- Jean Hauser
        Best New Play Nominee, San Diego Theatre Critics Circle

DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest
 (DFAS ---Dubuque Fine Arts Society, Dubuque, Iowa)
            - THE WAITING ROOM,   2nd Place, 1981
              THE AFFIDAVIT, 1st Place, 1982
               BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF, 3rd Place, 1983

I went to see the production of THE WAITING ROOM in 1981, made many wonderful friends and returned again in 1982 and 1983 to see the other productions.  The people were always friendly and the productions very well done.  Two other plays have placed in the contest - 
                           SAVE A PLACE FOR ME, 1989, Honorable Mention
                            CURSE OF THE DUCHESS, 2nd Place, 1990,
                           which was produced and televised on Iowa Public Access Cable Channel

GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER, POWPAC, San Diego, Director - Irene Billingsley
       Extended run

TRANSFUSION, full-length, Lyceum Theatre, San Diego, CA 1988    Director,-Diane Shea

OH, SUSANNAH, one-act, Vintage Theatre, San Diego, CA  1993  Director- Ellie Stein

DON'T YOU CRY FOR ME, one-act, FritzTheatre, San Diego, CA, 2000. 

After my work was published, my plays have been produced internationally, including:
New Zealand, Austria, England and extensively in Canada.