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   a monologue 
       by Janet S. Tiger

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Welcome to this website.  Below is a free monologue ALMOST by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved

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This website contains work by Janet S. Tiger.  This page has information about many of her monologues and one-acts.

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                            Almost- A monologue by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved     

Welcome to this website.  Below is a free monologue ALMOST

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           a monologue by Janet S.Tiger                                                                                                             (c) Jan. 7, 2012 all rights reserved                                                                                                      www.PlaysByJanetSTiger.com

(A woman walks onstage in a nurse's uniform.  She is strong, efficient, checking things off a clipboard.  Looks up, is very matter of fact.)

Almost.  What an awful word that is.  You almost made the team.  You almost got an A.  You almost have enough points to go on your vacation.

So close, but so far.

I am a nurse.  I know life and death are not exact in some ways.  But I can still hate that word almost.  Almost healed.  Almost ready to go home....almost dead.

He came in with a police escort.

Now at the emergency room where I've worked for 28 years, this is not unusual.  Saturday night it's like a circus in here.  Stabbings, shootings, domestic violence.  And those are the easy ones.

We all get combat pay for this neighborhood - they call it something else like - bonus hours for the weekend - but everyone knows what it means.

But for the police to come with an ambulance on Tuesday morning at 10AM...with detectives, well, that's different.

This was a big case, and because I'm the charge nurse - the one in charge - I get to do the admit and assessment.

He was almost dead.  We worked on him, but he had 5 bullets just in his chest - and another, in the head, self-inflicted.   It was amazing he was still alive at all.

Then we found what he had done.  This is not always a good idea.  I don’t care what the Hippocratic oath says, it is hard to divorce yourself from knowing that someone you are trying to save has killed 15 people……that they know of….right now…..could be more.

Of course, maybe he’s not the right guy.  It’s possible.  Of course, my friend – one of the officers – told me when they came to get him, he had confessed.  He asked that as he was leaving his family they not handcuff him until he was outside, and they agreed.  As soon as he was outside, he grabbed one of the guns from the policeman next to him….the others shot him, and he blew  (changes her mind)  …almost….. blew his own brains out.

So here he is, on about a million dollars worth of equipment to keep him alive, and might live.

I don’t go to church much, but I honestly believe God brought this man to me at this time for a reason.  As a nurse, I made a promise to save lives, and not administer harmful drugs, but what is harm?  To keep alive a murderer who will harm others, is that right?  And if he’s a vegetable, who  gets to feed and water him?  You and I  – at least our tax dollars do.   How much will that cost all of us?  Will an equal amount be given to the victims of this man?  To help them?  The answer is ….no.

Now, there’s a lot of things a nurse can do to make your life happy when you’re in the hospital.  Plump up your pillow, help you get to the bathroom.  Maybe even save your life.  But there are other things they can avoid doing, or do poorly that can make the difference between getting out quickly…or not getting out.

It doesn’t take much to figure out what I did.  Almost.  I almost kept that wound clean.  Is it my fault if there are some drug resistant bacteria in hospitals?  And I almost administered the right drug to kill the bacteria.  I knew there would be an inquest and an autopsy, so I just….waited.  Timing is everything sometimes…..

Does that make me a killer?  I’ve thought about it.  Would God have given me a chance like this because he wanted this piece of dirt to live?

(She turns to go.)

I have more rounds, so I have to go.  People need me.

(She stops for a moment, bowing her head.)

I think God did the world a favor when he brought Damien Karlberg to our ER.  I am sure I was right doing what I did.  (Thinks for a moment)  Almost sure.

(She exits.  The end.)

Janet S. Tiger    858-274-9678
Member Dramatists Guild since 1983
Swedenborg Hall 2006-8


This monologue runs about 2-4minutes - and has great ending.


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Note about Production info - eventually (probably by the next decade - and I mean 2020!) each of the following plays will have pages with more specific info on production details. 


    Running time – 15 minutes            $6.00/script
    Set – pawnshop 1940’s                                        
    2 characters   1 man – 40s
        1 woman – 25-35   

    A desperate woman brings a cherished family heirloom to a pawnbroker to try and get money to rescue her father from Nazi-occupied Austria.  Will she get the money?  And at what cost?  Fast-paced with a surprising end.

This play has won numerous awards including DFAS National 1-Act Playwriting contest –(First Place)and Gassner Memorial One-Act Playwriting Competition (Honorable Mention.)

THE AFFIDAVIT is published in ONE-ACT PLAYS FOR ACTING STUDENTS edited by Norman A. Bert  (Meriwether Publishing, Colorado)

The productions are too numerous to list at this point, but include New York (Off-off Broadway, New Zealand, Canada, Austria…..if you have had a production in another country and want it listed here, please e-mail tigerteam1@mail.com
    For more info about THE AFFIDAVIT, including photos and production info, click here


Running time – 25 minutes            $8.00/script
    Set – living room, semi-rundown             
    2 characters   1 man – early 20s
        1 woman – late 60s

An old blind woman puts a classified ad in the paper and a young man answers the ad - but is he there to buy or to rip her off?  Quick, funny and a good showcase piece for actors.

Winner  DFAS National One-act Playwriting Contest 3rd Place
                 (HBJ, Canada -8th grade textbook)
Pioneer Drama Service

Since its first publication, BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF has had numerous productions.  If you would like your production included in the upcoming page 'where in the world have I seen this play?', please e-mail the details to

BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF is available through PIONEER DRAMA SERVICE.  Please click here to purchase via their website. http://pioneerdrama.com/searchdetail.asp?pc=BLINDWOMAN&id=26

.Click here for production info and photos.

Running time – 15 minutes            $8.00/script
    Set –   minimal - chair, table, lamp
                Lighting and sound effects very important                            
    Character - The duchess - in her late 80s, very British

A duchess recounts how a curse changed her life.  Touching- a tour de force for an older actress.

    Winner - DFAS National 1-Act Playwriting Contest 2nd Place
    Produced - Five Flags Theatre, Dubuque, Iowa
    Televised - Public Access Cable Channel Iowa



Running time – 15 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set –  kitchen, living area  middle-class New York late 1970s                             
    2 characters    2  women, both 60s, both with Polish accent

Finalist - Fritz Blitz Contest for One-Act Plays, San Diego, CA

Produced - December 2006   San Diego, CA   Swedenborg Hall
                     August  2006          Dubuque, Iowa  Winner  DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest

Two women, lifelong friends, face Yom Kippur (the Jewish New Year also known as the Day of Atonement) with different ideas.  Great showpiece for two older actresses. 

–    Click here for photos and production info


Running time – 35 minutes            $10.00/script
     Time- 1966  Late summer evening of a very hot day, almost dusk  
     Set – Sitting room in a gracoious house in a rural Atlanta suburb                              
     Characters - 2 men, 2 women     all with Southern accents
The death of his father - and an unusual request in the will - leads a young man to deal with major issues in his life, and his family, in a very Southern finale.
 Strong language

Award -Fritz Blitz of New Plays
Produced-   The Seventh Annual Fritz Blitz of New Plays, San Diego, CA

This play is part of the TRANSFUSION trilogy.  (The other is OH, SUSANNAH)  There is a discount if all three plays in the trilogy are purchased at the same time.
Running time –8-10 minutes            $10.00/script
     Time- The past
      Set – Bare stage                       

     Characters - 1 man mid 20s, strong Cockney accent 

A magician gives a performance - with a surprising finale.

This one-act was published with funds from a grant provided by the Dramatists Guild Fund

First production -  Swedenborg Hall, San Diego, 2008
Great piece for auditions and competitions.


Running time – 45 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set –    Living room as talk show set                   
    Characters -   2 men, 2 women

     Strong language.

Finalist - 2nd Annual Robert R. Lehan Playwriting Awards,
                                           Westfield State College, Westfield, MASS

Welcome to the Hornet's Nest - a radio talk show that can be very interesting - and dangerous.  When Audrey Hornet hosts a political guest that used to be an old lover, anything can happen.  And it does.  Riveting suspense that build to an explosive climax - keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


Running time – 15 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set – Midwest middle-class living room                   
    2 characters   1 man – Russian accent, 70s
        1 woman- American, 70s

This play was completed with funds from a COMBO-NEA Grant.

Produced - Vintage Theatre, San Diego, CA  1993

Susannah returns from her husband's funeral to find a suitor at her doorstep.

–   This play is part of the TRANSFUSION trilogy.  (The other is OH, SUSANNAH)There is a discount if all three plays in the trilogy are purchased at the same time.


Running time – 15 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set –  Bus stop                     
    Characters -  2 men, 2 women

This play was commissioned by the Aaronson Foundation.



Running time – 45 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set –        modern living room                      
    Characters -  5 men –30-s-50-s
                             4 women – 20-40's
Lead female needs British accent

A well-known playwright is found dead at the reading of his newest play - which of his 'friends' didn't like his latest literary offering? 

Mystery with a DEATHTRAP twist - fast and funny with some good chances for stylist characterizations and staging.

***Janet S. Tiger's first full production!   Southwestern College Chula Vista, CA
****Special note
This play was produced by Scripteasers, the well-known  San Diego Writers-Actors group that has helped new playwrights for over 50 years!  Janet S. Tiger had her first play read at Scripteasers in ....well, many years ago.  It was very.......long.  But the Scripteasers helped her improve her writing, and most of her plays had first readings at one of their meetings.  SCRIPTEASE  was written as a 'thank you' , and it was produced by Scripteasers in May 1981.  For more information, you can visit the Scripteasers website www scripteasers . org



Running time – 45 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set –  semi-rundown apartment                  
    Characters -  2 men, 50s, 60s
Winner - 1986 West Coast Ensemble Festival of One-Acts
Produced - Playbill Theatre, Los Angeles, CA  1986 (extended run)
   Strong language


THE WAITING ROOM (also available in full-length)
Running time –    45 minutes        $10.00/script
    Set – living room/dining room European, circa 1938
    Characters   2 men –25-50
      3 women – 25-75

A Jewish family in Vienna, Austria, just before World War II, is faced with crucial decisions about taking the opportunity to leave - or staying behind with an aged and ill relative.  Basic human questions about the value of life and importance of family are confronted.  Poignant drama.

This play has won many awards, including the Gassner Memorial and the DFAS National Playwriting Contest..  THE WAITING ROOM  has been produced numerous times, from San Diego to New York.  For more details, please e-mail

For samples from the monologues, click here

Please e-mail for royalty rates – rates depend on ticket price, number of shows, theater size, etc.

All of the following are available via e-mail. 

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Running time –3 minutes            $5.00/script
    Set – minimal, some towels, a clothesline, washbasket
    1 character         1 older woman – 50s-60s

A woman hangs out her laundry while telling her unusual views on towels - and life.

This is possibly Janet S. Tiger's most produced work, having had numerous productions nationally and internationally.  This is also a popular piece for drama contests and auditions.
Buy now

GET A COLD                
Running time –8 minutes            $5.00/script
    Set – simple, future
    1 characters   1 man – older

A man from the future describes the delight he has in the simple pleasure of...getting a cold.
(****This monologue was completed in August 2005 -it is part of the full-length play THE END OF DEATH, which will receive its world premiere in August 2007 at Swedenborg Hall in San Diego.)

’ monologue from TRANSFUSION
Running time –            $4..00/script monologue  - $!5.00 full-length play
    Set –  bare stage                          
    1 character   1 man – 40s

A moving expression  of a man who is trying to deal with a transfusion from his son -  a transfusion that has given him AIDS.

This monologue has been very successful in both state and national competitions.
Click here to see one winner who used this monologue.


Running time – 15 minutes            $8.00/script
    Set –   minimal - chair, table, lamp
                Lighting and sound effects very important                            
    Character - The duchess - in her late 80s, very British

A duchess recounts how a curse changed her life.  Touching- a tour de force for an older actress.
    Winner - DFAS National 1-Act Playwriting Contest 2nd Place
    Produced - Five Flags Theatre, Dubuque, Iowa
    Televised - Public Access Cable Channel Iowa

THE AIRPORT MONOLOGUES-  (all set in an airport)




Other new monologues-


'When I was a little girl' monologue (female 30-50)
'Tillie's' monologue (female teens-30s)
                    both from THE END OF DEATH

Monologue from DON'T YOU CRY FOR ME  (male)


More works by Janet S. Tiger will be coming soon - she has a drawer full of over 100 monologues/plays/screenplays/books that are 10-70% completed.

 For more details, click on PRODUCTIONS button at the top of the page

Plays by Janet S. Tiger have been performed throughout the world including United States, Canada, England, Austria and New Zealand.  If your group has performed a play by Janet S. Tiger and would like to have it listed on the PRODUCTIONS page which will include international productions, please e-mail details of the production to

Unusual facts about some of Janet S. Tiger's productions-
1st Reading - UGANDA  at a Scripteasers meeting in....a long time ago.  (See info about the one-act SCRIPTEASE.)

1st production - SCRIPTEASE (one-act) in 1981 was directed by William Virchis

Janet S. Tiger's plays have won awards five times in the DFAS National One-Act Playwriting Contest -

THE WAITING ROOM -2nd place 1982
THE AFFIDAVIT - 1st place 1983
BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF - 3rd place 1984
SAVE A PLACE FOR ME - Honorable Mention 1989
CURSE OF THE DUCHESS-  2nd place 1990

The first three prizes were won by Janet Schechter (the 'S' in Janet S. Tiger), the others after she married Stanley Tiger.  Janet traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to watch  the productions in 1982, 1983 and 1984, and made many friends that she still is in touch with today.  For more info on the DFAS Contest, google Dubuque Fine Arts Players One-Act Playwriting Contest