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This page has photos and info on the TRANSFUSION trilogy - three plays by Janet S. Tiger
This page has photos and info on the TRANSFUSION trilogy - three plays by Janet S. Tiger that can be performed using the same actors on two consecutive nights.

The three plays in this trilogy were completed with a COMBO-NEA Grant.  They are:

TRANSFUSION - full-length on one night
OH SUSANNAH -one-act
together on the following evening.

The characters are two men, one older, one younger and
                                two women, one older, one younger.

A variety of accents used:  Southern, Russian, American

TRANSFUSION set is simple, the one-acts require living room decor.

All three plays have been produced, but never together as I have planned.  For more info, scroll down.

Running time – 1hour 25 minutes            $15.00/script
    Set –  Very simple                      
    Characters  - 2 men -20s, 50s  1 woman- 30s
Strong language.  Not for younger audiences.

 In the 1980s, a Mid-Western family faces a medical issue threatens to tear the family apart.

Produced San Diego, CA      Lyceum Theatre

TRANSFUSION was completed with a COMBO-NEA grant
and is part of a trilogy which includes the two one-acts, OH, SUSANNAH,  DON'T YOU CRY FOR ME


OH, SUSANNAH by Janet S. Tiger

Running time – 15 minutes            $10.00/script
    Set – Midwest middle-class living room                   
    2 characters   1 man – Russian accent, 70s
        1 woman- American, 70s

This play was completed with funds from a COMBO-NEA Grant.

Produced - Vintage Theatre, San Diego, CA  1993
                 - Dorset Theater, Vermont  2005
(which is also producing THE TOWEL LADY in March/April 2012 - more info, click here)

Susannah returns from her husband's funeral to find a suitor at her doorstep.


Running time – 35 minutes            $10.00/script
     Time- 1966  Late summer evening of a very hot day, almost dusk  
     Set – Sitting room in a gracoious house in a rural Atlanta suburb                              
     Characters - 2 men, 2 women     all with Southern accents
The death of his father - and an unusual request in the will - leads a young man to deal with major issues in his life, and his family, in a very Southern finale.
 Strong language

Award -Fritz Blitz of New Plays
Produced-   The Seventh Annual Fritz Blitz of New Plays, San Diego, CA

This play is part of the TRANSFUSION trilogy.  (The other is OH, SUSANNAH)  There is a discount if all three plays in the trilogy are purchased at the same time.
For free monologue offer, click here.

To purchase these plays, please click here to go the page which has the button.  (Eventually this page will have the buttons to purchase - and more info on productions.   Until then, thank you for your patience.)

The 'Blood' monologue from TRANSFUSION is one of my most performed pieces - included in Norman Bert's anthology, and it has been at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D. C. ! Click here for the Congratulations page or to purchase the monologue separately, click here.