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            Swedenborg Hall, San Diego


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ow this works -

-Read the blurbs in the right column

-If you would like to read the entire monologue, click on the blurb title

-You can pay 99¢ to use the monologue on that page before or after reading the entire monologue

-It's the honor system.  After 33 years in the business, I trust actors and directors.  (Also, if you are so poor you cannot afford 99¢ for a monologue that you will use for an audition that might win you a million dollar part, then you may have it as my gift - just email me at tigerteam1@gmail.com and let me know you are using it.)

Why do I let everyone read for free? 


Because when you go into a store, you can look at the merchandise, drive it, try it on, examine it.  It's the same with these newer monologues.

My work has been produced and performed internationally.

The monologues here are newer -so you have something less used than Shakespeare and Neil Simon.  Which is good.

My other work - published and produced often - is available elsewhere on this site - have fun, look around, and good luck!  (I used to say 'break a leg' - until my son actually broke his leg.)  So now I wish all of you much success. To contact me, please email tigerteam1@gmail.com.  Thank you!

-Paying 99cents allows you to use that one monologue for an audition or school room performance only - not for any performance where admission or donation is charged  You will have permission to video, provided the author receives full rights

Click here for Scripteaser
article in
      San Diego Union-Tribune


Janet S. Tiger has had her work published and produced internationally-

including being performed at Kennedy Center-(click here for more info)

Off-Broadway, Los Angeles, San Diego, and in too many cities and countries to list here.  But this site includes as many of the productions that I can - come back and see where my latest shows are being done.

  More on this site -including
Upcoming Productions,
  one-acts and
  plays for purchase. 
(Good for auditions, contests, drama classes 
    professional and 
commmunity theater)

Now available- HOW TO WRITE A MONOLOGUE IN 10 EASY LESSONS (Well, maybe not so easy)


If you are interested
   in a (somewhat) complete list of all the   
on this site
    - please click here.

Videos of DANCE SENSE are now available-




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Member of the Dramatists Guild

   Janet S. Tiger was  
    in-Residence for  
   Swedenborg Hall
 San Diego, 2006-2008.

 Member -
San Diego
Performing Arts League.

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Special note about new plays -  
     Janet S. Tiger has written
      over 70 plays, screenplays, 
      monologues and now books. 
     This website will be updated
       frequently to try to keep up
      with latest productions, awards,
       etc.  Please check back –  

        About the Playwright
      Janet S. Tiger’s award winning 
         plays have been produced 
           internationally from
       New York to New Zealand
     and are in popular anthologies
   in the United States and Canada.

        She received her BA in 
     Comparative Literature from
  San Diego State University in 1973 
          and has worked
     as a scriptwriter in Hollywood. 
      She is now living in San Diego
     with her husband and children. 

          Click here for Bio page.
It is not up-to-date, but will be soon...


    Plays by Janet S. Tiger

              What this website has:

          Plays and monologues  for -                                    

        drama students                       
        drama classes                       
        community theater groups                      
        younger actors                      
           older actors                              
        younger actresses      
          older actresses    - 

   gay theme       

        large cast                                 

      Jewish/Holocaust  theme      

      There's a play for almost everyone.  
       Soon, this list should have names
      of all the plays that fit each category,       
       and eventually, buttons to go to the
       right  location for more info.

       Thank you for your patience! 

       (Note- if anyone has actress 
       friends who are always complaining
        about the lack of good work for 
                 actresses past 40,
         have them check out -
                   HOBSON'S CHOICE and  
          CURSE OF THE DUCHESS to start. 
       Plus, I know of other almost famous 
         playwrights who have good work for 
                over 40 actresses.)


            SHIPPING INFO

         **Special offer -
          help save a tree -
        have your play sent by 
               e-mail only
         and I will send you
              a free one-act!****

          (Two plays by e-mail -
           two free plays, etc.)

      Regular shipping- USPO
     Plays can usually be shipped within
       5-7 days of receipt of a check
                  or money order. 
   Pay Pal is available now for all the plays. 

If you have any trouble with any of the buttons, or have placed an order that has not been filled within 7-10 working days, please call 858-274-9678 immediately.

All plays will be shipped via 4th Class Book Rate for most scripts, unless faster method is requested.  (Overnight add $15.00, Priority 2-3 Day, add $2.00)

This web site finally has a page which is under construction and will eventually have a map with a list of all the places Janet S. Tiger’s plays have been performed.  (Click on the PRODUCTION button at the top of the page) I f you wish your production to be included, please e-mail details  to

If you would like to leave comments about these plays, please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com

     Brand New!  
99¢ monologues -
(Click on the title to go to the page where you can read and purchase the monologue)

Blurbs -  M- Male  F- Female  M/F - either
Monologues for all ages - children, young adults, seniors
Comedy, drama and all the stages in between
Physical comedy, accents, all types of characters

 Times are approximate

ACROBATICS- (3-5 min.)  M/F   An older actor shows that seniors are still capable - lots of comic, physical moments

THE FIRST TIME - (3-5 minutes) This is one where you can 'age' from very young to very old as you tell about the 'first times' throughout your life  - available male or female, both done together (duo) is a very effective stage/contest presentation

CELEBRITY -  (8-10 min. M 30s-50s)  An agent explains the true meaning of being famous.

DREAM$$$(8-10 min.  M  20s-50s)  What happens when your entire world collapses, because you did something that you know you shouldn’t have done….but everyone was doing it.

GET A COLD (3 min- 10 minute versions available M/F  all ages)  A visitor from the future gives advice on why having a cold is fun

HYPOCRISY (2-3 min. M 20s-30s)  Teachers can learn, too, but maybe some things can never be understood.  Not an easy piece to deliver – or hear.

REMIND ME TO KILL MYSELF- (3-5 min.  M  older)  Losing your mind makes so many things difficult…..

SAY SOMETHING NICE (1-2 min.  M  teens-30s)  Everyone should have a moment to just…say something nice, especially if it’s to someone you love….or loved.

TIME TRAVELER (4-6 min  M/F all ages) A traveler in an airport gives a different view on what it’s like to travel.



If you can't find something, please email tigerteam1@gmail.com   Thanks for your patience...............

   These pages are always under construction
- sometimes they are best viewed via Internet Explorer
- sometimes Mozilla - one note - my plays are better
than  my website skills!

Videos of my work online include THE TOWEL LADY, DANCE SENSE MONOLOGUES, BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF, OH SUSANNAH - please go to my HOME PAGE for videos



                                  is now available to purchase, click here



                   Click here for Royalty Free Plays info

           For a complete list of all pages, please go to SITE MAP

   What's new-  The Towel Lady  is now on Youtube again. Below is the newest video from the Dorset Players in Vermont, starring Jessica Zilske   This Towel Lady stars Tori Langley, and was produced in Hawaii at Paliku Theatre, Windward Community College

To view more info and purchase the script for THE TOWEL LADY- please click here.

THE MONOLOGUE ZONE was produced in North East, PA, click here for more info,cast list, etc. 

Coming Soon - How to Write a Monologue in 10 Easy Lessons (Well, Maybe Not So Easy!)  A lesson plan for High School and College classes

and THE TOWEL LADY by the Dorset Players in Vermont.   And  here in San Diego at Swedenborg Hall, THE BIGGEST SECRET will be seen as part of the Scripteaser Showcase on May 25th.  For more info, click here

THE BIGGEST SECRET #1 was a winner in the 2011 Scriptease of One-Act Plays - 2nd Place  (BIGGEST SECRET #2 was an HONORABLE MENTION)

MR. LEMONHEAD was First Place winner in the 2010 Scripteaser One-Act Contest, and CRIME was 3rd Place.

HESITATION was a winner in the 2009 Scripteaser New One-Acts Contest.

WISDOM was performed at the Swedenborg National Conference in June, 2009 in Seattle.

OH, SUSANNAH! was produced by the Dorset Players at the Dorset Playhouse in Dorset, Vermont,  April, 2009.

                     FINALE,  which starred Marc Biagi, was the last production at Swedenborg Hall of Janet S. Tiger's term as Playwright-in-Residence.   Thank you to all the people who enabled this wonderful two years to happen.

              THE AFFIDAVIT was chosen as part of
Scripteasers 60th Anniversary Evening of One-Acts May, 2008
                          THE AFFIDAVIT
      starred Jonathan Dunn-Rankin and Teresa Beckwith


           More success for people using my monologues -
  a Presidential Scholar  -Derrick Cooper used the '  Blood' 
monologue from Transfusion-  click for Congratulations page





For a complete list of all pages, please go to SITE MAP

                 List  of the plays and monologues that
                     will be available on this website:
(scroll down)
                                      (This website is always under construction)

                              -Plays are available for purchase on this website 
                                       for private use only (classroom, contests, private groups)
                              -Any production of any play          
                                    purchased will require written permission from the author and
            Royalty rates – rates depend on ticket price, number of shows, theater size
              Licensing agreements - rates depend on class size, number of copies needed
             Please call 858-274-9678 or  e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com for more details.

                    For more information, please click on the button at the top of the  page 
                                    which will take you to the appropriate page 
                                      (i.e., monologues page, one-acts page, full-length)

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                          or check out the column to the left - many of the links are available now

                       (if you think there's a lot of stuff on this site, you should see my garage!)           

(Click here to go to Monologues page)  

     ****THE TOWEL LADY*** ****
      'BLOOD' monologue from             
               TRANSFUSION* ****


                                                      TWO- ACTOR PLAYS (short)

                                   ONE-ACT PLAYS
                                                   (Click here to go to one-acts page)

         The Affidavit** *** ****
       Blind Woman's Bluff** *** ****
       Curse of the Duchess** ***
       Day of Atonement**
       Don't You Cry For Me* ***
       Hornet's Nest (formerly Interview)**
       OH, SUSANNAH* ***
       SWEEPSTAKES** ***
       THE WAITING ROOM** ***

                             For a complete list of all pages, please go to SITE MAP

        (Click here to go to full-lengths page)

     Counter-Offer**  ***
   Dear Leslie***
   End of Death * ***
   Getting Away With Murder ***
   K.I.S.S. (with Albert Kallis)*
   Renny's Story* ***
   The Second Battle of Hobson's Choice ***
    The Third Party* ** ***
    Transfusion*  ***
    The Waiting Room **   ***

       *indicates a commissioned work
       ** indicates award(s)
      *** indicates produced
     **** indicates published

                       Most of Janet S. Tiger's plays have received awards and/or been produced. 
                       However,  there are a few opportunities left for regional

                       and even world premieres. 

                       Please e-mail
if you are interested in more details about how a                           world premiere can be a publicity bonus for your group.

                    More plays by Janet S. Tiger will be coming soon -
             she has a drawer full of over 100 plays/screenplays/books
             that are 10-70%

               Free offers to production companies 
                   (click here to go to Royalty-Free Plays page)

             Special offer for all companies that have produced my work*******
             If you have produced one of my plays and would like to try something new,
             I present my 'FREE - no royalties for the first weekend' offer
(3 shows -one weekend)  

             Example - if you produced THE AFFIDAVIT, I would give you permission to              produce CURSE OF THE DUCHESS with no royalties for the first weekend!)

             Special offer for all companies that have NOT produced my work*******
             If you have never produced one of my plays and would like to try something new,
             try my FREE no royalties offer for the first weekend (3 shows -one weekend)

             for a play that has never been published or produced.

             This is your chance to get a world premiere - with no royalties for the first
              weekend!    All the plays offered have been read publicly and I am available for               rewrites at no cost to your company.   Why do I do this?   Because even though 
              most of my
work has been published and/or produced, I would like to see all my '
              work out on its own.   So, in the same way Mrs. Fields gave out free samples (of
              which I had many!), I am offering my work to groups that want to take a risk on
               something new - but not a totally unknown quantity.

               As you can see by navigating around this site (my playwriting abilities are
              better than my website skills)  my plays are well-received and well-reviewed.
              My work has been produced extensively throughout the United States and
              Canada, and in many countries worldwide.   (UK, Austria, New Zealand, Burma,
               China and more)

               (and perhaps - after you try something for free, you might want to try more                     of my other cookies....I mean plays.)

             Available as part of this offer-


             The one-acts  -
   -                              -Hornet's Nest 
                        -Most Boring Class in the World
                               - read this online, click here

                                    -Naked In Dubuque-
                                -to read online coming soon
                        - Save a Place For Me


                          - COUNTER- OFFER
                          - DEAR LESLIE


                              are finished and available for world premieres.

                                 In the works - THE HAUNTED SYNAGOGUE,
                                                           CLICK, CLICK, YOU'RE DEAD and
                                                         MURDER IN THE CAFETERIA.
                                                         TURN SIGNALS
                      SCREENPLAYS -

                      A DEATH IN JERUSALEM
                      PAPER MILLIONS


            Thanks for visiting!  
         If you have any questions, want a free monologue or
for more info-                  858-274-9678   or tigerteam1@gmail.com




Links to other websites -

       Janet S. Tiger is the author of


      For more information, please

      visit the web site  www.mothersgardenofverses.com

       Janet S. Tiger is available for commission work,

       please e-mail tigerteam1@gmail.com

       Other sites which have my work-

        A great website for new plays - www.doollee.com     

        And a website for one-act plays

        with no more than 4-characters  www.heniford.net


        My first play was read at a meeting of a 60 year old

        San  Diego playreading group - The Scripteasers -

        at the home of DJ Sullivan, with Jonathan Dunn-Rankin

        reading the lead.   For more info on how this has come

        full circle (Jonathan starred in my world premiere

THE END OF DEATH-- and DJ Sullivan was the Executive

        Producer at Swedenborg Hall where I was the

        Playwright-in-Residence from 2006-2008.)   For more info 

        on Scripteasers, click here


        In San Diego, you can get reviews from Pat Launer atmore info about local theater http://www.sdnn.com/?s=pat+launer

or info on the Patte Awards and the Patte Scholarships at


        at  www.sdtheatrescene.com


       Thank you for visiting this web site - please come back


       there should be something new every few months

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